Why You Must Do A Winter Trek At Least Once In Your Life

Reasons to do a Winter Trek within the Himalayas

When it comes to trekking not anything can fall quick of the ideal settings you’ve got been dreaming approximately. Imagine some thing and the Himalayan landscapes TrekupIndia will satisfy it. The Winter Treks are gaining popularity due to the uncommon nature of the wintry weather trails within the Himalayas.

From frozen lakes and rivers, knee-deep snow glistening like diamonds, snow smeared peaks, white carpeted trails, frozen waterfalls to the scintillating splendor of a white Christmas like landscape, a Winter Trek within the Himalayas is the last revel in of a lifetime.

You may be extremely joyful to pick out from some of the maximum popular Himalayan wintry weather treks like Kedarkantha, Chadar and Brahmatal; the fairly less famous yet beautiful treks like Markha Valley Winter Trek, Spiti Homestay Winter Trail, and Panwali Kantha to first rate summit winter treks like Pangarchulla and Nag Tibba.

We let you know why you need to take a Winter Trek within the Himalayas as a minimum as soon as for your lifetime.


Why You Must Do A Winter Trek At Least Once In Your Life


The iciness laden landscapes and trails bring out a completely special side of the Himalayas, one which units it apart from all else. With the whole thing submerged below a thick blanket of snow, the valleys have a fairy-tale like appearance.

Every step you are taking at the crisp white snow sends echoes that shatter the solitude of the Himalayas.

Quite dramatic isn’t it?


Why You Must Do A Winter Trek At Least Once In Your Life

That’s how enormous it’s far.

Frozen waterfalls, rivers and lakes make you surprise how the whole lot just bolsters the beauty as they complement the heritage so gracefully.

The timber are sprinkled with snow showing the trade inexperienced and white colors that in order that perfectly stand out in the oceans of white snow spreading across the robust wintry weather landscapes and peaks.


Why You Must Do A Winter Trek At Least Once In Your Life

While a few may argue that the best of Himalayan beauty is in the course of the summer season for obvious reasons like a miles greater specified path, gushing rives, wildlife and greenery everywhere. There are folks who choose to peer the proper splendor of the mountains which come alive in the course of iciness when the land is painted white with the winters may. Both seasons have their truthful percentage of notable traits.



Winter treks prove to be a outstanding getting to know enjoy when it comes to guidance, packing and techniques needed to ascend and descend on the path. Along with these conditions, you may also learn about the way to pitch tents on snow and the usage of gaiters and microspikes all of which will decorate your hiking talents and make the great use of what’s to be had to you in such harsh conditions.


Why You Must Do A Winter Trek At Least Once In Your Life

The maximum essential thing is to be each physically and mentally organized to face the brutal cold of the Himalayan winters whilst temperatures dip to as low of -30 deg Celsius in case of chadar trek while the opposite winter treks in Uttarakhand and Sikkim will face at least -15 deg Celsius. When meals receives bloodless in a couple of minutes and water saved in bottles and cans freeze in a 2d, that while you understand the brutal reality of these situations. It is vital which you apprehend the way to layer up nicely to prevent the body warmth from escaping and succumb to excessive altitude conditions. It is for the reason that your clothes, gloves, shoes and socks gets moist. The feet will be bloodless and numb. But your mental preparedness will assist you get through it and your earlier expertise on how to take care of your self in such situations will are available in available.


Why You Must Do A Winter Trek At Least Once In Your Life

How mentally and bodily organized you are for a iciness trek will both make or smash your enjoy of the identical. And, bear in mind you have chosen to trek inside the wintry weather for a cause. You will virtually experience it to the fullest no matter these kinds of hurdles. After all, you can’t task nature.

But on a tremendous observe, those incidents will handiest upload in your splendid revel in and make the trek all the greater rich and elegant. Moments to cherish are limitless and unforgettable.

These gaining knowledge of experiences are you most powerful assets and could help your non-public growth. You will be happy with your self and your capacity to deal with barriers.



Do you bear in mind the campsites to be the highlight of a trek?

We believe you. The campsites of Winter Treks have a one of a kind attraction, one which separates them from the other seasons. The coloration mixture of yellow, blue and purple tents pitched within the midst of acres of white snowfield is actually spell binding.


Why You Must Do A Winter Trek At Least Once In Your Life

In some instances, you may have a frozen lake or a river in the front of you. Surrounded by means of crystal white peaks and mountains the utter silence of the campsites is the definition of tranquility.

Every one people has always dreamt of experiencing snowfall at its quality and the instant it takes place at those places, you may be left spellbound. With a layer of snow on the tents and mist anywhere, brings out the inner toddler in you and also you surrender to nature and permit move of your feelings.


Why You Must Do A Winter Trek At Least Once In Your Life

Having that warm cup of chai or a delicious bowl of soup when it’s far snowing inside the photograph-best environment is the excellent thing you may’ve requested for.



On treks like Pangarchulla height, Markha Valley Winter Trek, Chadar Trek and Kedarkantha, strolling on thick snow can show to be taxing. During peak winters, those trails see a significant amount of snow which is every so often knee-deep. Navigating your manner via such terrain can be tiring and toe numbing.

But how frequently in existence do you get to summit a mountain in winters or stroll on a frozen river?


Why You Must Do A Winter Trek At Least Once In Your Life

Such opportunities can prove to be genuinely superb. These herbal phenomena will check your limits and provide you with a experience of fulfillment.

The bitter cold and chilling winds can be a battle as properly but in case you are layered up nicely then it’ll no longer be a problem. With a freezing surroundings, you may learn to respect the presence of sun even greater because it illuminates the crisp white landscape and offers you an awe-inspiring scenery.

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